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South Congress Bats-Austin, Texas

Every evening at dusk the whole of Austin and visitors from around the world come together on the river, coastline and on the South Congress Street bridge to watch the Mexico free-tail bat spectacle. I have been told this is largest cloud of bats in North America. It was fascinating.

Teresa’s Peppers

I work with a woman, who, through all she does; maintains a great attitude about life. She brings in sunshine and along with that a little spice. OK, hot peppers.

Balloon Fest 2014

On Friday, August 8th my employer treated those of us who wanted to go, to the Balloon Fest. It was a perfect event to document our culture in action. I enjoyed documenting the parents with their children who were in amazed awe, excited with energy (probably from the sugar), and …

At the Nelson with KCAC

I had the great pleasure of hangin’ out with these great people and listening to Merry Quackenbush, Sonie Joi Ruffin, and Glenn North discuss key pieces of work telling the story of the Civil Rights movement in Kansas City. The discussion by Sonie and the poem by Glenn really tugged …

KCAC Auction-The End

“I’m so glad we had this time together…” The 2014 KCAC 31st Annual Benefit Art Auction comes to a close. The cleanup begins, so we can continue with our new season of exhibits, and lectures. Please visit the website for information on membership and how you can contribute to keep …

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