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Thanksgiving with Mama Lou

November 27, 2014 my dear friend, Rick and his wife, Lorraine, invited me over to Lorraine’s Mama Lou’s for Thanksgiving. Due to my work schedule I don’t have the chance to visit with my own family on this holiday, so every year I am surprised by where I will spend …

Door Man

On November 8th, at Mike Kelly’s Westsider as we listened and danced to the great sound of Cachecanto, Bear sits at the door takin’ in the money.

Postcards from the Flint Hills

I was invited to a friends ranch in the Flint Hills for the sole purpose of photographing. I had an evening and a morning to work, see, and create. The lone tree which for me, signifies the prairie was the first image I saw, as I walked around looking, composing …

Blue Kansas City

A friend and I decided to photograph the Royals Blue on October 27th. We started our blue journey at the Kauffman Performing Arts Center, a place, that even though the images look the same, tends to always fascinate me. A spaceship on the prairie in the middle of the city. …

Kauffman Performing Arts Center

On Thursday September 25th I met my students at the Kauffman Center. I feel the place challenges them with light, color, line, and composition. On this evening the lights are covered with red gels. Made for an interesting color combination.

Dr. John

On Friday September 26th I treated myself to a Dr. John concert at Grinders. I was looking forward to it, as I missed him in NOLA back in April. He did not disappoint. A little slow on the walking, but the music went straight to my soul and brought back …

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