In November I had the honor and privilege to document Master Chen Zheng Lei (陈正雷) during a weekend workshop he did with his niece Chen Huixian and her husband Michael Chritton So after about 1600+ images I finally got it down to 365. I will be posting and image a …

Faces of China

“Collecting” I am not sure if he is collecting bags or picking up supplies. Fuding, FuJian Provence, China, September, 2010 “Recycling” This worker uses tongs to retrieve the recyclables from the can. Forbidden City, Beijing, China, 2010 “Toss” Then there are those who just toss their garbage where ever it …

Kodachrome as Black and White

So I had a roll of Kodachrome that was beyond its date, processing and shooting. What do I do? That is when I got this crazy notion to process as if it were black and white. Which essentially it is, and this is my result. I actually love the tonal …

China: Life, September 2010

The following are some images taken on traditional film. It is part of my series China:Life, September 2010 Windows and Doors, Beijing
The Game, Beijing
Donkey, Beijing
Son and Mother, Beijing
A Man, A Guard and Mao, Beijing
Man Against the Wall, Reading, Beijing

狮子之吼 Shīzi zhī hǒu

Walking in the early evening with the heat somewhat dissipating I saw this woman and her friend walking. I was reminded of a character in one of my favourite movies “the master of the Lion’s Roar”. .

Shanghai Blue

Shanghai is a city of lights, more to the point blue light. It bathes the city in this wonderfully, calming blue. Even though it was very steamy, when I view these images I almost forget the heat.


OK I know it’s a little narcissistic to put self portraits up, but hey, no-one takes pictures of the photographer. I also wanted people to know that I still do the good old fashioned analogue printing. You can’t beat it for print quality. Especially at 16×20 on Ilford warm tone …

Eddie Delahunt

My good friend Eddie Delahunt who, not only, makes a mean mocha, but has the most wonderful Irish voice a girl has ever heard. You must go to his site and listen awhile.

Silk Road Travelers

This is the best purveyors of fine Chinese antiques. I spend every Sunday there teaching Chinese and enjoy hanging out, chatting, and drinking tea.


Guatemala © Bob Rockford This expedition is a photography mission trip. Bob Rockford will be your guide. He will take up to 10 people to a small village called San Lucas. You will spend ten days volunteering at many of the work sites, such as coffee sorting, at the sewing …


“Temple Faire-Beijing” ©Angie Jennings This photography expedition will be a small intimate group, up to 7 people. Our focus will be street photography and landscape. We begin in Beijing where we will go to a few tourist sites, the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, Tian An Men, as well as …

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