Blue Kansas City

A friend and I decided to photograph the Royals Blue on October 27th. We started our blue journey at the Kauffman Performing Arts Center, a place, that even though the images look the same, tends to always fascinate me. A spaceship on the prairie in the middle of the city. Next stop was Union Station. An icon of Kansas City while Sito was looking for the Royals image I went off looking for the people. Found a group waiting for the midnight train. Hunger hit, as we headed to the Plaza, just as we were about to pass Gates, Sito made the quick decision and we quickly turned into the parking lot. Ordered our tasty and incredibly filling finely chopped burnt end sandwiches. mmmmmm good. Off to the JC Nichols fountain. Our prime subject. The wind picked up from the NW, I was not well prepared for the cold, but I soldiered on, how could I not. The beautiful blue and the slow shutter made it all worth while. I hope you enjoy my blue and not so blue. May the Royals win #7.

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